Jeff Bezos Early Life| Amazon | Net Worth & Market Cap



Jeff Bezos Early Life
Jeff Bezos, the founder of (the biggest eCommerce website all over the world) and the owner of 'The Washington Post' was born on January 12, 1964 in New Mexico. He went to the Princeton University and completed B.Sc degree in Computer Engineering And Electrical Engineering. After his studies, he worked on Wall Street and became the Youngest Senior Vice President in 1990. Four years later, he quit his high paying Job to start an eCommerce Website named it but after sometime he changed it to and after all (A South American River).

He started, Nobody wants to support his new work because it was looking non-profit work at starting. But he realized that Future is of Internet and if he quit today, he will not be able to continue it again. He Started Amazon from his Garage by selling books online (Online Bookstore). At that time books are only available on Bookshops or Bookstores but he got an idea of selling books online which became his path to success. While many dot.coms of the early 90's bust but but Amazon flourished. Later Amazon started selling CDs, DVDs, Softwares, Electronics, etc.

Amazon Kindle
 In November 2007, Amazon started Amazon Kindle from where you can buy books electronically by downloading. It was the big Turning Point for Amazon, In just 6 hours all the books in Kindle were sold and Kindle was out of stock for 5 months. 

Other Amazon Programs
Later Amazon also started Amazon AssociatesAmazon PrimeAmazon, etc. Amazon Associates is a program from where you can earn with Amazon by Affiliate. Amazon Prime Delivers products to their customers by air using Drones. Amazon Studios provides songs, videos, etc. 

Jeff Bezos Net Worth
Jeff Bezos has become the World's Richest Person dropped Microsoft Founder Bill Gates in 2017. But In the same year, he Jeff moved to second. In early 2018 he again moved upto 1st Richest Person in the world. In 2019, his Net worth has crossed US$150 Billion (US$150,000,000,000). He is the first person ever to reach Centi-Billion dollars (US$100 Billion). He is the only Centi-Billionaire on Earth. 

Amazon (AMZN) Market Cap
Amazon is the Third Biggest Company in the World dropped by Microsoft which is the second largest company in the world. In 2019, Amazon (AMZN) Market Cap crossed to US$920 Billion (US$920,000,000,000). Microsoft (MSFT) with Market Cap US$930 Billion & On First Apple (AAPL) with Market Cap US$944 Billion.