What is 5G Technology | Difference between 4G & 5G


5G Technology 

5G Technology which is generally known as 5th Generation Technology. It is not launched till now but by experiments, it was known that 5G Technology is much faster as it can process data with fastest speed. 5G Technology is 100 times faster than 4G Technology. Nokia tested 5G Technology by downloading a 30GB file in just 20 seconds. It can process 300 megabits per second. It will launched all over the World in 2020 (Expected).

5G will use spectrum in the frequency range (600 MHz to 6 GHz) and also in millimeter wave bands (24–86 GHz). But after these advantages 5G Technology has many other disadvantages. It can damage skin, eye etc. According to research 5G will make great impact on humans and their health. Car drivers will drive securely with 5G signals. Still we know that 4G is much slower than 5G but 4G's radiations are also effects human. It's effects will be known after the complete launching of 5G Technology. 

In many countries people started compaigns against 5G Technology after research. The main idea is that, it will make work easier, better, faster and more reliable.