Create Your own Professional Website Easier



As you know about websites, it can be made by coding. But you also listen that you can create websites by Wordpress, Wix etc. Here is more easy step to make a professional website without coding or using other hard ways. You can create professional website by Blogger. When you create a blog by Blogger, you can change it to professional website by adding other templates than Blogger and add a Domain on your blog.

Just go to the link above and signin you Google account with blogger. It will signin with Google because it is a Google product. After that create a blog named it and set a Domain name. Now click on Theme and click on Back-up/Restore and change this template by yours. Save it, click view blog to see your blog. Now you need to set a top level domain name like, .com, .net, .in etc just buy it from Godaddy or freenom or some other sites etc. Now publish your first post before it set your social widgets and make important pages like Privacy Policies, Contact us, About us etc.

Publish almost 20 to 30 posts and generate huge traffic and run your professional website. Now if you want to make money by publishing ads then click on Earning and sign-up for Google Adsense and make money.

 You can also make money by publishing ads of different ads sites such as RevenueHits, Propeller Ads,, Adsnow, etc.

Work with Patience, Honesty and Hard to get success