What is YouTube | YouTube History, Creators, Founders & Popularity




YouTube is the First Largest Video Sharing Website and the Second Largest Search Engine. YouTube is the place where you can share videos  You can get all types of videos on YouTube, just search for it and you will get thousands or even millions of videos on it. The Question is How and When did YouTube started?



 In 2005, YouTube was created by three PayPal employees Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley & Steven Chen. The first video on YouTube was Published by Jawed Karim which was Me at Zoo. Every Month, Seven Billion Hours of Video Watched. About 80% of the YouTube views are from outside the America. Videos are uploaded every minutes from all over the world.

The year of 2006 was the best year in the history of YouTube. In the same year first video on YouTube hit a Million (1,000,000) views which was a Nike Ad which was done by a Famous Footballer of that time. The first Million views on YouTube YouTube was looking good from starting and have 65,000 new uploads, have more than 100 million views & ranked in top 5 big websites in the world till 2006, leaving behind My Space which was the biggest Social Site of that time. YouTube also got their investors, All the big companies started investing in YouTube and the biggest investor was Google. Google bought YouTube for US$1.65 Billion in November 2006. This was the biggest turning point for the YouTube and Google. In 2007, YouTube started Creator Award Program which is going on till now.

 They also create YouTube Partner Program in which Video Creator will get paid by watching Ads on YouTube which is controlled by Google Ad-sense where 45% Revenue gets Google and 55% Revenue gets Video Creator.

Golden Period
The Period of 2007-2013 was the Golden Period in the History and the Growth of YouTube. In 2010, YouTube changed their design because of the popularity all over the world. They also started Live Streaming on YouTube. First time YouTube streamed seven IPL matches. YouTube changed their interface to make it User Friendly. At that time 2 Billion (2,000,000,000) peoples watch videos per day. In 2011, every minute 48 hours videos uploaded. In 2012, YouTube claimed that the content uploaded in one minute can watch till 60 hours. Now today it is impossible for a person to see all videos completely in whole life. In the same year first video on YouTube hit One Billion (1,000,000,000) views which is Gangnam Style which is still available on YouTube. Same year every minute 60 hours videos uploaded.

YouTube have many biggest channels, some of them are individual and some of them are of companies. In 2019, the year when the first channel to cross 101M+ (101,000,000+) subscribers and 73B+ (73,000,000,000+) total views which is T-Series. After struggled against PewDiePie, finally T-Series won. PewDiePie is the Biggest Individual Channel on YouTube having 96M+ (96,000,000+) subscribers and 27B+ (27,000,000,000+) total views. 


To create a YouTube Channel, Just Sign in with your YouTube Account and create your Channel.

Upload a good video which will get your viewers to your channel.

Make Videos of almost 10 minutes or more. Cut out bad content which could be skipped by viewers.

Now go to my channel and customize your channel, click on the setting icon and enable all your tabs e.g, Videos, Channel, Playlist, etc.

Upload videos regularly and share them on your Social Accounts. Get more Organic Traffic by sharing 25% of your videos on your Social accounts and ask them to see complete video on YouTube. This trick will increase your Organic Traffic.

Make your account Description or About Section more attractive. Also create a short and attractive Channel Trailer for new visitors.

Make playlists of your videos and also share playlists.

Make Channel Banner related to your channel and videos. Your Channel Banner is an image that should be at-least 2560×1440 px.

Verify Your Channel with phone so that you can enable custom thumbnail.

It can take months or even years to have thousands of subscribers. You need to work with patience and do all your smart work. Because Smart Work is better than Hard Work. It takes more time because YouTube have Millions of popular Channels so it ranks their channels instead of Yours.

Ask your Relatives, Friends and other members to promote your channel. 

Start a Live Stream of a Game or Sports to get views and subscribers fast.

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