How To Fix AdSense Not Approving Blogger Or Site (Your Site Is Not Ready To Show Ads) - Approve Your Site For AdSense In One Week & Start Earning || DIGITALS LIFE

 Nowadays Getting Approval From Google AdSense Has Become Very Difficult. But Here You Will Find How To Fix AdSense Not Approving Blogger Or Site (Your Site Is Not Ready To Show Ads). If You Have watched Many Videos On YouTube And Read Many Posts On Google But Still You Are Not Eligible For AdSense Then Stay With Me In This Post.

You Will Get Google AdSense Approval In One Week After Following My Tricks. If You Want To Leave Earning Online Because You Are Not Earning So Don't Do This, Just Follow Us You Will Start Earning.

The Most Comman Issue Found In AdSense Rejection Is "You Already Have An AdSense Account". It Means You(One Person) Have Made Multiple Accounts With Same Name Or If You Are Rejected By One AdSense But Apply With For The Same Site With Another AdSense Account Then This Happens. 

Another Comman Rejection Issue Is Navbar Issue. Which Means You Don't Have Navbars That AdSense Wants To Approve Site. I Always Recommend You To Must Make These Navs

1. About
2. Contact
3. Privacy
4. Terms
5. Disclaimer
6. Cookies Policy (optional) 

Make These Nav Pages Then AdSense Will Not Reject You Any More.

Another Most Comman Issue That People Faces In Getting AdSense Approval Is Your Site Adheres To AdSense Policy, Which Means That If You Have Used Any Words Or Posts That AdSense Don't Allow And Advertisers Don't Want To Run Ads On These Contents. If You Have These Type Of Content Then Remove It Now.

These Are The Most Comman Rejections Found But If Your Site Is Not Mobile Friendly So AdSense Will Not Allow You To Publish Their Ads On Your Site. Before Approving For AdSense You Also Need Almost 15 - 20 Articles On Your Site of 300+ Words In Each Article. Also Submit Your site In Search Console (Google, Bing, etc). 

If You Want To See You Site Is Ranked On Google Then Just Type site:"" In Search Bar. If Your Site Is Ranked On Google Or Any Search Engine Then You Will Find Your Site And Articles. Increase Your Site Speed It Must Be Green Means 80% Above. If You Have A YouTube Channel & It Is Monetized Then Don't Connect Your Site With The Same AdSense Which Is Connected With YouTube. Make Separate AdSense For YouTube And Blog/Website.

No One Knows Real Rules For Getting Approval These Are Just Sentences Of Those Site Owners Who Got Approval With These Tricks. Apply Our Tricks Then You Will Must Get Approval Easily In One Week.