BEST WAY TO START A SUCCESSFUL YOUTUBE CHANNEL IN 2019-2020 = How to Start and Earn with YouTube Channel || DIGITALS LIFE


Today we discuss a best Topic which every new person asks before becoming a YouTuber. BEST WAY TO START A SUCCESSFUL YOUTUBE CHANNEL (How to Start and Earn with YouTube Channel). You don't need to find equipments to start a YouTube channel because you can do this with a single smartphone, no camera, no PC. You can start channel for gaming, tech, comedy or anything. If you also needs it's answer then stay with us you will find it easily.

Some basics things which you can do like Make your channel, uploading videos, Customizing channel, etc. But How to find the topic(niche)??? You should create that channel which you can do, if you like comedy and start Tech which you don't know then you can't stay on YouTube. Choose niche wisely. How to find Videos Topic??? 

Make Videos on those topics that are viral even in Social Media or anywhere. If any topic is viral then people start searching for this and if you have most videos on it they will choose you. Work on videos Quality not Quantity. If you have a video which is 20 minutes long but it is very boring then people can't watch this, which affects channels. But if you have a video on trendy topic also very interesting not boring then people engage with your video and watch it completely. 

They also try to watch other videos of your channel. Make videos of HD quality, the lowest quality of your video should be 720p, you can also create in 1080p and 4K also. YouTube also ranks good quality videos. 

Add HD Thumbnail to your video, thumbnail should be attractive because 60% (or more) people see only thumbnail not title.Thumbnail should related to your video topic otherwise YouTube can terminate your channel. 

Add tags to your video so that YouTube will recommend your video to users. Make playlist of your videos, add end screen and eye button. Make target which you must achieve, e.g; 60 videos in a month. Create your channel trailer and share it on your every social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Also share link of you channel with it. The more shares the more views. Add your channel art and logo like professionals.  

Start making opportunities for your channel means think about it from where I can get subscribers?, From where I can get  views, etc. Reply every comments, don't think about bad or hate comments. Don't copy anything, no video, no audio and image. How you can get subscribers..?? Your first thousand subscribers are not very easy, some people gets in several years while others can get in a day or week. 

Don't ask for promoting videos to any other YouTuber. If your any relative can do this then go for it otherwise stay away. But you can use Google Adwords if you have money. Now Adwords is giving some bonus for new users. Just sign in and add credit they will give you some money to start your campaign. The best way to get subscribers is from social sites because no one knows you when you are new on YouTube, share your videos in groups, it will help you in gaining subscribers.

Your first thousand subscribers has lot of value for you and your channel both. When you will get 1000 subscribers of all time and 4000 hours watch time then you can start earning by placing google ads in your videos. You can also earn by promoting. After your thousand subscribers you don't need to think about subscribers because they will start increasing.