How To Start A Blog In 2020 - Part 2

How To Start A Blog In 2020 - Part 2

In our last post we discuss about how to find niche for your blog. How to find best and cheap domain and hosting. Some basic SEO settings of your blog. We will discuss more about How To Start A Blog In 2020.

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Now you need to start writing your blog posts. But how to write perfect SEO friendly Articles. 

You have selected your blog's root niche. Now you need to find keywords in which your root niche is also included. Or find the topics or keyword related to your niche. But you are a newbie, your domain is not known by Google so you need to use KGR technique to get known to Search Engines.

On starting, not completely target Bing or other search engines. Only Target Google as Search Engine. But also submit your sitemap in Bing Webmaster Tool, so that your site will also submitted in Bing.

KGR technique helps you to rank your site on Low competition keywords. You need some basic SEO and minimum backlinks to rank first on Google. 

How To Start A Blog In 2020 - Part 2

To get rank on Google Backlinks are the Best way. In short period you will be ranked on many Google pages and various keywords used in your articles.

But how to make backlinks? There are two ways to create backlinks. One is by commenting on others site where you get 'Your Website' Option.

The second method is by paid or free Guest posts. Many websites offer free and paid Guest posts. Ask everyone for backlinks. Anyone giving you any type of backlink, just get it. Keep in mind those website have less spam score, about 1% to 4 %. If they have higher spam score then your site could be harmed. 
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Generate both Do follow and No follow Backlinks. Do follow Backlinks help you to increase Website DA and PA, which is specially required for ranking In Google.

To Check your DA & PA also Spam Score then use MOZ Bar Chrome Extension. Which gives you real time information
about your website.

Don't make only Do follow Backlinks, also Make No follow backlinks. No follow Backlinks also help sites to rank higher. But still some sites rank on google which have low DA and PA but their Domain score is Nice. Because these sites are about ten years old or even more. 

You must need to work on one niche. I prefer to choose micro niches for your blog to rank. Because if new websites work on Micro niches then Google more works to rank them high on Search Engine.

How To Start A Blog In 2020 - Part 2

Write More Articles, don't think that you will rank in some days. Just think that you will rank one day and it will be better. 

Also Write answers related to your niche on Quora which is the best platform. I personally recommend you. I write answers and in last I put link of my site so that traffics shifts to my site. Also share Articles links on all social platforms. 

If your Blog is getting 100 visitors per day by working 2 months or more then it is enough. After Some time your blog will get daily thousands of visitors.

For choosing a Best domain for your blog, I prefer to use platform below;

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