Best Camera Smartphones Of 2020- DSLR Camera Quality Phone


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Best Camera Smartphones Of 2020, New smartphones are coming with best cameras. Now you don't need to buy any expensive camera, you can get it in all new smartphones. If you buy a camera of 500$ and a lens of 500$ or even more, it is much expensive. It is better to buy a smartphone of 1000$, on which you can do multiple works. But question arises which phones have better camera? Some companies like Apple, Samsung etc are special for their cameras in their phones specially iPhone of Apple. 

If you are a photographer or film maker or a YouTuber or any other work for which you need a better camera. Then you must try phones, Because phone's cameras are easy to use and are becoming more better. So let's talk about best camera smartphones of 2020. 

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iPhone 11, Pro And Pro Max:

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Apple's iPhones are all time best for their cameras. iPhone 11 has just launched last year. iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max have the best camera in the history of iPhone. It has Ultra wide angle and telephoto lenses. It has 12 Megapixels camera with 10x zoom. You can shoot 4K videos at 60 FPS across all it's camera.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Series:

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Samsung new series phones S20 series is all time best series of smartphones. It has the best specs which a smartphone should have. Samsung S20 and S20+ have 64 MP camera with 30x zoom. You Can shoot 4K Videos at 60 FPS. With Samsung S20 Ultra, you will get 108 MP camera with 100x zoom, see moon's sand from your house. You can shoot 8K videos at 120 FPS across all it's camera. 

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For film making these smartphones are best and have same budget like DSLR or any other digitals cameras nowadays. These smartphone have better user experience so go and chaeck them out now.