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Email Marketing Is Sending Commercial Messages To People Or Group Of Peoples Using Email. It Is Basically Your Business Or Blog Marketing By Sending Your Websites Updates To People Who Have Subscribed Your Newsletter. The Term Usually Refers To Sending Email Messages With The Purpose Of Enhancing A Merchant's Relationship With Current Or Previous Customers, Encouraging Customer Loyalty And Repeat Business, Acquiring New Customers Or Convincing Current Customers To Purchase Something Immediately And Sharing Third-party Ads. 


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As Email Marketing Is Also Advertisement, That's Why We Can Also Say That Email Marketing Is Also Advertisement. Nowadays Google Advertisements Are Best In All Over The World. Like If You Want Promote Your Business Or Any Product Then You Can Start Campaign On Google Adwords. Bing, Facebook, Yahoo, etc Also Allows You To Run Your Product Campaigns On Them. These Companies Also Allows You To Run Other Ads On Your Website Or Accounts. Like You Can Run Only Google Ads On Your YouTube Channel To Earn Revenue. You Can Also Run Others Private Ads On Your Site Or Blog. This Is Called Advertisement. Television Ads, Radio Ads, Newspaper Ads And Social Ads Are Also The Type Of Advertisement. The Best Thing About Internet Or Online Ads Is They Are Cheap Than Other Ads Services Like Radio, TV And Newspaper Ads.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Is The Best Way To Rank On Search Engines Like Google, Bing And Yahoo. Google Products Has Owned Search Engines. As YouTube Has Also Become The Second Largest Search Engine In The World After Google. SEO Allows You To Rank Your Website/Blog Or Even YouTube Videos On Search Engine. SEO For Website Based On Your Website Design Or Theme, Your Content That Helps You To Make Your Website To Look More Attractive On Search Engines. You Can Find Multiple SEO Courses On Internet. I Prefer You To Must Invest In Best SEO Courses. Multiple SEO Tools Available On Internet Like Ahref, Ubersuggest, etc. Ahref Is Paid But More Helpful For SEO, While Ubersuggest In Free From Neil Patel. I Think If You Are A Beginner Then You Must Start With Ubersuggest Then When You Think You Can Use Ahref Now Then Buy It. Ahref Is Also Available In Cheap Rates In Facebook Groups. For SEO You Must Need To Use SEO Friendly Template For Your Site, Then Write SEO Friendly Articles That Will Help You To Rank On The First Page Of Search Engines. For SEO Friendly Articles, Research For A Topic Then Use Those Keywords That Will Give You Huge Traffic From Search Engines. Use That Keyword In Your Article Multiple Times So That Your Article Will Rank.