How Many Elements Of Periodic Table Used In Making An iPhone - iPhone Uses More Than Half Of The Elements Of Periodic Table



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If You Think Making An iPhone Does Not Take Any Time And It Is Very Easy For iPhone Manufacturers. If You Think This The You Are Completely Wrong. iPhones Are The Most Mysterious Phone For A Person Who Will See It's Parts For First Time. So "How Many Elements Of Periodic Table Used In Making An iPhone". There Are 118 Elements In The Periodic Table, Yes Modern Periodic Table. In Human Being We Have Found 30 Elements From 118 Element, But You Will Not Belief In An iPhone Has 75 Elements. 

The Most Used Elements Are Silicon, Oxygen, Carbon, Aluminum, Potassium & Lithium. These Are The Most Used Elements In Making An iPhone. These Are Used Making Batteries & Glass For Covering iPhone's Screen. While Carbon Is The Most Comman Element Found Throughout Phone. 

As We Know That Gold Is The Best Conductor In The World So Gold Is Used As A Conductor. While Tin Is Used For Soldering Process. Not At All iPhone Also Requires Rare Earth Minerals. They Are Not Easy To Mine, The Most Important Minerals In Making An iPhone Are Yttrium, Terbium, Europium and Gadolinium. They Are Used In iPhone's Screen Display Colour. Making Vibrating Units To Vibrate And For Volume.


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However Just For General Knowledge, How Much Worth In Making A Single iPhone Like iPhone 10 Or 11?? So It's Answer Is Just $300 To $400. Now Just Think How Much They Make Profit From This. However iPhones Are Nice...