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Common PC Troubleshooting Issues Are Some Major Problems Which We Face, These Are Big PC Issues. If You Are A PC Or Laptop User Then You Must Experience Some Problems In Your PC OR Laptop. Today We Will Discuss Some Big Problems In Our Computer Which We Must Need To Solve Before It Will Become Huge.

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In Both PC And Laptops Some Times We Face This Irritating Problem. Honestly I'm Also Facing This Problem Now, But I Have Found It's Solution. It Is Due To Hard Disk, When Your Hard Disk Is Full. It Also Occurs When Your PC Runs With Low RAM. If You Uses Internet On PC Or Laptop Then It Happens More Because If You Download Any Thing From Internet Then Virus Or Malware Might Enter In Your PC That Causes This Problem. I Found This Problem Almost A year Ago And It's Solution Also But Could Not Share But Today I Will Share With You That You Need To Free Up Disk Space In Your PC After That You Will Free From This Issue. If You Are also Using Low RAM Then Add More RAM. This Will Also Help You.  


In My Old PC In Which I Uses Only 1 GB RAM, This Problem Cause Alot. When My PC Works For 1 Or 2 Hour It's Screen Starts Freezing Or Hang. It Was Due To Low RAM, Corrupt File Or Spyware. For It's Solution Press And Hold Power Off Button In CPU Until It Turn's Off And Then Restart It Again And Then Clean It From Malware Or Any Spyware Or Junks. If Your PC Have Insufficient RAM Then Add More.


When You Want To Start PC And It Does Not Starting Even A Single Light In It Then It Must Be A Problem In Power Source. First Check Your Power Supplier Like Switches And Then Move Towards Power Cable. It Must Be The Problem In Your Power Cable Replace It. Make Sure Your Power Outlets And Other Connections Are Working. For Laptop Users It Must Be A Battery Problem Then Remove Battery And Then Put It, If It Will Still Not Working Then Remove Battery And Start Laptop With Charging Cable, If It Is Working Then Replace Battery. If Your Laptop Is Not Working With Charging Cable Then Show It To Your Near Hardware Shop.


In This Era Of Internet, This Problem Is Most Frustrating. But This Is Not A Big Problem. You Can Solve It Easily. This Could Be Because Of Bad Cable Connection. Major Issues Could Be Viruses, Modem Or A Bad Network Card. 

These Are Some Major Issues I Will Share More Soon. Most Of The Problems Are Due To Virus Or Malware That's Why I Recommend You To Use Anti Malware Or Anti Virus Software To Stay Away From These Irritating Problems.