APPLE IS WORTH $1 TRILLION - Apple Company Net Worth Crosses Over $1,000,000,000,000



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If You Are An Owner Of A Company Or Works In A Company Then How Much It Worth.?? What Could Be The Value Of Your Company?? Then Look Here Apple The Manufacturers Of iPhones, iPad, iPod, Mac And Many Others, This Company Worth Over $1 Trillion In 2019. In The Beginning Of 2019, It Was Over $994 Billion.

If This Company Will Be A Country Then This Will Be The 16th Biggest Economic Country. Apple Has Become The First Company To Reach Worth Of $1 Trillion. It Is The Whole Worth Of 2 Facebook, 7 Netflix And 42 Twitter Companies. This Is Much More Enough. This Is Because As Like Other Companies Apple Company Also Get Huge Profit On A Single sale Of Their Product. For Example; If They Make An iPhone Costs US$ 300 - US$ 400, Then It Will Be Sell In Market For US$ 1,000. That's Why They Generate More Revenue, The More The Revenue Of A Country The More It Will Worth. 

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As For Knowledge, This Apple's Market Cap Is More Than The GDP Of Turkey, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, etc. You Can Find These Countries GDP On Internet Easily. Now You Can Imagine How Big Is Apple Company. Apple Got This Great Achievement In August 2019.