WAYS TO MAKE MONEY BLOG - 8 Steps To Make Money With Blogger || DIGITALS LIFE


When we talk about Earn money online. You must add Blogger or blog in this list. But How! how can we earn money with Blogger. You just need to work with patience without scam and cheat. 

You can earn by connecting Google AdSense to your blog, other advertising networks for example; Media.net etc, Amazon Affiliate with your blog and sell your own products. You can also earn by shortening links and post them on blogger, the more traffic the more clicks and more money. 

1. Make your blog with blogger or Wordpress. I prefer you to start with blogger because it is free & easy to use. For Blogger, just sign in with your Google account and create your blog.

2. Use your custom themes or from other sources like sora templates, newspaper template etc. Blogger own themes are also best but custom themes provides nice look to your blog. 

3. Start writing your posts, make sure write unique and large posts. Write your post after research and do SEO for your articles. Add your site, posts and pages in Google Search Console so that they will rank and give more visits.

4. Make some important pages for your blog such as;

a) About
b) Contact 
c) Privacy
d) Terms
e) Cookies Policy
f) Disclaimer

These are the most important pages which you must make for a Blog.

5. Make these changes same as in the image below:

Also add robots.txt, search for sitemap generator for blogger. Go to the first website and make your blog's sitemap. Add this sitemap in custom robots.txt. 

6. You need to make sure that you have 20+ unique posts and your blog is 1 month old. Top-level domain will help you to get approval easily but people are getting approvals with blogspot.com domain also. Add your site in Google Analytics to see your site analytics completely.

7. Now you are all done for applying Google AdSense for you blog. Now go to your Earning section, Click sign up for AdSense. Choose the same account on which your blog was created. Fill out all requirements which AdSense will ask you. Now wait for some days, sometimes AdSense rejects your blog but you need to check your blog and apply again and again.

8. When you will get AdSense approval also make your Amazon Affiliate account. Make some native shopping ads and 1 or 2 banners. 

Follow these ways these will really help you.