As we all know the earth is round. Believers of Flat Earth are increasing. Specially in America Flat Earth Believers are increasing and going against NASA. Here are some evidences of round Earth. 

Let's talk about some believes, logics and experiments done by Round Earth Believers first. 

1. If the Earth is flat then why we can't see Mount Everest while standing in South Asia, Africa or America.

2. If the Earth is flat then why does the boat's become disappear after going farther and farther away in the sea. It is because after every 8 Km there is a little amount of curve which makes the earth round.

3. During an Eclipse, the earth makes a round shadow on the moon. This is the great evidence made in 350 BCE. 

4. You haven't go to the space but you can find live videos of space in you can see clearly that the earth is round not flat.

5. All the planets in our solar system are round. So earth is also round. 

6. If you walk 10,000 Km straight along the Earth's surface, turn 90 degree to your right, walk 10,000 Km more, turn right again and walk another 10,000 Km, you will be back to where you started, having successfully made a triangle with three 90 degree angles. On a flat earth you can't make a triangle of 90 degree.

7. A plane takes 45 hours to travel around the earth. So if the earth is then after 45 hours where will the plane will go?  

These are some evidences of Round Earth. I want to ask flat earth believers that why scientists and Space companies tells lie about earth. They are investing billions of dollars in such projects. That's all for now, If you have more evidences then comment below.